Crunch time is here!

Solitary key

Solitary key

Sorry folks but the big push is on getting ready to go walkabout and I haven’t had nearly the time I had hoped to update the blog with all the preparations.

That said, I’ll post my pre-trip prep once I hit the road.  Close to 18 hours on planes and in airports should give me the free time I need to get this thing launched.

The good news is… I’m down to one single solitary key.  At one point in my life I’m sure I had 5 pounds worth of metal keys jangling in my pockets.  Now I have one; and as of June 23rd, when I officially move out of my apartment, I will have none.  In one way, that terrifies me and yet in another its exhilarating.

Once I depart Canada, it’s my goal to write a daily blog to keep everyone up-to-date- on my travels, share experiences, good travel deals and other tips.  I am also working on the launch of my commercial travel blog network.  Stay tuned for that launch sometime in July.  If any of my traveling friends are interested in submitting travel articles, reviews of gear, tech tours, hostels, hotels, etc., then please drop me an email at

12 days to go until I emigrate!


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