On the road…

Well that’s it. As I write I’m at a departure gate at George Bush International Airport in Houston. By tonight I’ll be in an apartment in Cancun, Mexico.

This is real now. New path. New outlook. New life.

Hardest part by far was saying goodbye to my kids. Isabelle last night was one thing but saying goodbye to Mhairi at the airport was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

Not sure how long it will take to get used to not having her with me all the time. I cant imagine ever being used to it at this point. Isabelle is an adult now and starting her own adventure so that was going to happen regardless of the travel and since we knew that day would come for years, the adjustment isn’t as hard to handle. I wish Mhairi could come on this journey with me now instead of later. Xmas can’t come soon enough!

The travel so far has been typical air travel. Changing gates, lugging bags through customs. The usual fun. No issues to report yet except a slight glitch with my debit card.

On another front… leave it to me to get romantically involved with someone two weeks before I emigrate after not dating for nearly 2 years. Wow! Never saw that coming at all but I’m sure glad it happened. She didn’t expect it either I guess. This should be interesting to see where/how it progresses with me on the road. We both seem to want to try so I guess time will tell. I’m game.


With any luck maybe she can come down to Guatemala or even the Yucatan at Xmas with the kids. (Hint, hint)

Wow, would that be an awesome Xmas!!


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